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Here is the link to the Laurelynn Online Shop!  Laurelynn Art Jewelry Store
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Artwalk 11/4/22

Come and check out the new jewelry at my booth on Starr Street on Friday! 6-10

Sign up now for the FREE Resin Art Symposium and Access to great deals!

Join my free workshop on August 16th!  Sign up here!  

Curious Mondo used my photo!

Just noticed some of the postings for the Resin Art Symposium have my photo in them! Wooooooo! Use my link to get there:

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Here are a few of my favorite links for Bath and Essential Oils! BATH ESSENTIAL OILS I love making oil diffuser necklaces. Check out the Lavender! It is my fav!

Woo! Ads are out! Resin Art Symposium

Here is the link: Free Resin Art Symposium Sign Up Link

Join my free earrings workshop of August 16th!

I show how to make a unique mold for resin focal pieces! I included instructions on making coordinating metal clay pieces! Please sign up! It is free as part of a Resin Art Symposium online! Sign up here

Cool Tools free shipping code!

Getting ready to buy some jewelry making supplies? Here's a free shipping code. Please follow my link!  Cool Tools website Getting ready to buy some jewelry making supplies? Here's a free shipping code. Please follow my link! Cool Tools website

I use Epoxy Resin Dye in my Resin Symposium workshop

Find tools here Love this jewelry making store. I will be sharing some great finds here!!!!! Click here I use epoxy resin dye in my upcoming resin workshop. The bottles look like this. Here is my project:

Resin Symposium Count Down-Sign up to LEARN

Use this link to sign up for free or to purchase the whole symposium for life! SIGN UP HERE 


One of my favorites from my first article!

A few great deals!

Let me know if you are interested!

Writing articles about jewelry making

One of my favorite things to do lately is come up with projects for teaching. So far I have published three articles! I have one proposal out right now. Fingers crossed!

Looking for an affordable way to get it to jewelry making?

This set is great! If you are learning basic wireworking to make your own jewelry, this is a great starter set! I am working on some free tutorials! You will need these there tools! Follow this link:  Buy 3 piece set

Which stone is your favorite? These are my Top 5

A Maker's Dream!

One of my FAVORITE magazines on Earth is Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. I have been a reader and subscriber for many years and Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine is such an inspiration in my artwork. I am so happy that I have been able to contribute as a writer in three of their publications! Check them out and grab a copy! Follow this link: Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine  

Getting Ready for Art Resin Symposium!

 I am so excited to announce that I will be an instructor at the 2022 Resin Art Symposium! It is online and free! Please follow my link to sign up! FREE Workshop Link  #resin #resinart #resinjewelry #resinartist #metalclayjewelry #earrings #artjewelry #laurelynn #laurelynntx #laurelynnjewelry

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