I threw the baby out with the bath water-mostly

I took a really big step yesterday and officially moved the web presence for my jewelry business to a blog. It was a huge step--cutting the ties that bound me to a traditional webhosted site. My other site will still be up for a few days. I built it in 2004/2005 for my online store and have just updated it over the years...YEARS! It is time for a change! Way past time! I am relaunching, if you will, the laurelynn name that mom and I use and dropping the "jewelry box" part. We are also not going to continue a formal online store--which most of our clients know we haven't actually run in quite a while. All this change is doing me some good! I made a cute little slide show yesterday of some of our newest work. I'm most proud of my forged sterling and copper pieces. Hooray for a fresh perspective and the Christmas break!!!!!!

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