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Showing posts from February, 2011

Great news!

We just found out that we have been accepted as vending artists at the Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts in late March. We are so excited!

Copper cuffs

Copper and glass beads with herringbone design:


This is what happens when you don't sort your beads after a bunch of projects...and then spill them. It took over two hours to sort. Whew!

We are on Etsy!

Our etsy store is up and running! We are taking Paypal only through that site. If you see anything you like there and would rather me deliver it to you, please let me know. :) Also, if you would like to have us do some custom work for you, please email me. :)

Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver Earrings

A few snapshots from 2010

Not in Kansas Anymore

It is FREEZING in Corpus Christi. My daughter's stuffed animals froze to the window. My hands are too cold to do any beadwork today, so I'm working on a new slideshow of snap shots. Oh, and I've played at least 3 dozen games of Mario Kart. Dreaming of sunny skies...