2 BeadStar Magazine Finalist Pieces!!!!!!

We found out today that both of us are finalists in the BeadStar Magazine 2011 contest. We are tickled pink!

Kay's: "Summertime Garden Bracelet" in the glass category
Jennifer's: "Dulcinea Crystal Bracelet" in the crystal category

Corpus Christi ArtWalk

There is a lovely ArtWalk event on the first Friday of every month in Corpus Christi. I made arrangements today to have a booth at La Retama park for the next Artwalk. It will be May 6th from 5:30-9:00. I will post more info later. We always have lots of fun attending the Artwalk, so I'm super excited to have a booth. :)

To live in Corpus Christi...

you have to be tough. We have 100+ degree temps, wind that will blow you away literally, air you can wear and I recently discovered that our tap water will patina copper. Great for my art, but I'm wondering about my insides! Nonetheless, I wouldn't live anywhere else. I love it here! (I'm just going to get a water filter and take the edge off.)

Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts 2011 - Laurelynn

I had a wonderful time last weekend at the Arts Festival. I met some really awesome artists and was EXTREMELY lucky to have my booth space by some really wonderful ladies! You are all so talented!

Another picture...

Here is another photo that I took. :)

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