Clean up time

Hammers and mandrels. One really big socket and a homemade texture mallet.

If you own one of my metal cuffs, it was shaped and hammered on that socket! Most of our tools are repurposed or had a previous working on wood, boats, or cars.

I love my little portable workbench.  I have a nice one up stairs, but I normally drag this one around the house and sit on the floor to use it.  I also occassionally take it to festivals with me.  The base is a stepping stool. The top is the formica cut out from the sink in our bar that my dad built.  I made the bag out of suede, leather, and jeans.  My bench block and a piece of a boat sit on top for hammering and shaping metal and wire.  I wish my dad could see all this.  I know he'd love it.  I am going to post a few pics later of my newest piece made only of copper using these tools and my torch.