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Advice for Artists Thinking about Becoming Art Vendors

In addition to my art jewelry, I work as an English teacher and a freelance technical writer. This article is part of a series discussing the business side of making art for the part time artist. As an artisan vendor, I am asked HOW to start arts and craft vending quite frequently. My advice today is for someone who is looking to become a part-time festival and art show vendor to show his or her wares. First things first—My advice is for smaller, locally produced shows and festivals, not LARGE national shows in which most artists are professionals who travel for a living. 1. RECON! Think about your art or craft and do A LOT of recon. Attend several shows with a different “eye.” Look at what all the people (vendors, show organizers, festival goers/customers) are doing. Look at set ups and really look at what people who are making sales are doing. Look at what people who are NOT making sales are doing and try to figure out why. Look at the work of others in your field. 2. EV