Lots to tell!!! Lots to tell!!!

Oh boy! Lots going on that I want to share!

Laurelynn Art-to-Wear Jewelry is back in the gift shop at the Art Museum of South Texas! I tell you what, being there feels like home. It was my first shop to carry my jewelry back when I was seed bead weaving-20 years ago! I have some stories to tell later!

Also, We are working on a radio ad that will run for a month on 93.5 & 107.7 Young Country in South Texas. We are beyond excited about this! Will update with info when I get it from the station manager.

I have a few ladies in line to feature in Laurelynn's Luminary. Not saying who they are yet! :) I know some amazing people!

Tejana Made is writing a product review on my jewelry! I am very excited to see what she says! I will pass the link along when it publishes.

My favorite Farmers Market has an Arts & Craft show twice a year. I will be at it again. I love doing this particular Arts & Craft show because the people and the vibe are extraordinary. Check out my show schedule for the specifics.

Whew! :) I am one happy artist!