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Chrysocolla Tree of Life Flower Pendant

Flower + Tree of Life = Laurelynn Style!

This is one of my favorite projects! My beautiful friend in California, Melissa, owns this one!

Love! Love! Love! Sage Leaf Impression in Fine Silver

LOVE LOVE LOVE Straight from the garden! Fine Silver Sage Leaf Pendant. This pendant features a pretty sage leaf impression captured in the silver!

Regarding shipping during Covid-19

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic we will only offer Priority Shipping. The current rate is $8.30. We are able to ship from home this way instead of standing in long lines at the post office. I think this is important. Thank you for your understanding. We are working on a new discount program to honor those of you who have purchased from us at during this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Jenny

I love heart earrings!

Precious Metal Clay is AMAZING!

I love what I am able to do with this medium! The photo is of the greenware stage of some fine silver earrings that I have in my shop. Precious metal clay is first like working with ceramics and then, after torch firing the pieces, is like metalsmithing. All with the same pieces. AMAZING!