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New items in ONLINE Store!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!

Official 2017 National Ms Pageants Sponsor!

National Mrs. 2016 from Tennessee, Stephanie McCaleb owns Laurelynn EARRINGS!

Call first dibs on new pieces online!

Any Season Festival Pendants!

Beautiful Laurelynn Festival Pendants!

Boutique Buyers looking for ideas on how to style with Laurelynn Jewelry?

Boutique Line Sheets are available!

Choose Your Stone Coordinating Earrings are HERE!!!

Writer, Ashley Dotson wearing Laurelynn Earrings!

National Ms Pageant Sponsor for 2016!

National Ms Pageant Sponsor

At Studio C inside the Art Center of Corpus Christi again!!!

Please vote for my Flower Pendant!

I'm the featured designer on SPARKLY LADIES blog today!

Laurelynn is going into the Art Jewelry SUPPLY business!

We call it Thunderdome

Independents Show 2014

New Laurelynn Art Booth Signs :)